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Super Hero Spotlight

Team SuperGlitters!This month's spotlight is focused on our Dragonborn Super Hero!


Name: Dragonborn 
Race: Half-Human / Unknown
Home world: Planetouched Realm

 Mystical energies converged in a manner not known to modern science.  Neither the scope nor the design could be defined…  But it happened…
 Hundreds of cycles ago these energies mingled with the bright material of dreams causing a type of cataclysmic event to take place.
 Upon coalescing, these energies created a being mixed with human-DNA.
Taunted by the general populace and made to feel alien…  She fled.
 She currently frequents Ren faires around the world.  Here she can use her distinct powers to fascinate the imagination of tens of thousands that visit and not be ridiculed for her appearance.
 Her shows are truly the talk of legend.  Dragonborn’s ability to create and call upon the energies that created her and beckon whatever her imagination can think up is truly remarkable.

During her time at a Ren faire in California, she met and worked with the entertainer known as Shimmerstar.  Without revealing where, the two meet various times throughout the year.      


Please see below for her free offering to you!